minty misery.

first of all - drumroll please!
...and the randomy chosen winner of the scrapbook software giveaway by MY MEORIES is:
the lovely kimberly from KI'MBERLEY.
congrats dear. you'll get an email with the scrapbook software and all the details super soon.

and now to the rather nasty part of this post.
i went to the hairdresser - just to get my hair a little tiny bit trimmed. and voila here is the worst hairdo i've ever had. i look like a blond beatle - no wait, that would include some coolness which this haircut definitely hasn't.
the moral of the story is never ever to say whatever when the hairdresser asks you about your future hairdo - NEVER TRUST A HAIRDRESSER.

minty dress: zara

i'm pretty much doomed for some moths until the worst is over. such an absolute hairdon't.
it sucks to have something on your head that doesn't seem yours. so if you guys have any tips and tricks how to make your hair grow faster - please be so kind and help a girl out of her misery.

sorry about all the frustration and whining in this post - i'm just not coping with the mop above my neck.

have a wonderful week, lovers.

xx m.

music to my ears:
i'm more than addicted to that song.


  1. OMG these pictures are just the most beautiful i ve seen all day!!

  2. I think you're cut with this new haircut!

  3. ach chum etzt, du gsesch so herzig us! Es isch nöd schlimm, echt nöd! Dis Kleid isch toll, die Fotene sind eifach perfekt :)

  4. Such a beautiful dress! It's looks amazing on you! Everything about it is perfect: the color, the shape, the beautiful back cut! This look is vert romantic and gentle!




  5. I kind of... like your haircut? yeah. i do. I like it. you remind me of a really famous actress here in the Netherlands, carice van houten. And that's a good thing, only you're prettier. And I love that dress. lovelove. x

  6. AW, I think it looks really cute!
    I suppose you'll just have to learn to love it, you're stuck with it for a little while at least ;)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog, I'd love if you could check it out!
    Ciara xx

  7. but it is true that it's totally different from what you had before, because now you look cute and girly. and you used to look... more powerful. tough. but it's both cool.

  8. D'aww, i think your hair looks really cute though! The colour of your dress looks lovely with your blonde hair actually-hehe and It's my fave colour :D

  9. Your hair looks great! You'll get used to it don't worry ;) and it actually enhances the awesomeness of that dress, I saw it t Zara, might have to get it too now!

  10. I love your haircut, it looks awesome! You'll get use to it! :)

  11. you're so pretty that you SO pull this look off.!! i LOVE it.

  12. I actually adore this hair cut, but now's the time to wear more hats. You can talk some Hair Skin Nails to make your hair grow faster, and try to use less heat to avoid heat damage

  13. but darling i can´t believe you don´t like your new haircut! you look so gorgous! and i love your mint dress!

  14. You are a such a stunner! LOVE your haircut!!!

  15. I actually really like your hair! But I know how annoying it is when a hairdresser doesn't listen, and no matter how many people say they like it, you still feel rubbish if you don't like your cut!

    On another note, the blue nails go really well with the dress colour - whoever said 'blue and green should never be seen' was very wrong! :) x

  16. FIRST of all my darling, WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT? Your hair (and you) look amazing! You are so lucky you can pull off any hair do! Funny though, I am growing my hair and everyone around me is chopping theirs off!

    Gorgeous dress, and seriously, you look beautiful darling. xx :)

  17. omg GORGEOUS! love the photos.

    xx from hong kong :)

  18. Always lovely. The dress is so cute!

  19. I adore that minty colour on you. Stunning.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  20. Congrats on the giveaway and the dress is so pretty :)


    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;


  21. Your hair looks amazing.
    And you're so cute.
    Do you wear an unicorn-bracelet? I have the same!!


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  23. Are you out of your mind? This hair looks so so good on you, it really does! It makes your face come out in it's best way i think =)

    Well also i wanted to let you know i've tagged you:
    Hope you like it!

    X Denise

  24. Love your dress! and you're hair's not that bad. Maybe you can mess it up a bit with some wax?

  25. I really have to say, that I LOVE your new haircut! there are so few people in the world who this would look great on and on you it definitely does ;)

    I also like the dress...I think this is the one I saw in zara lately...maybe I'll also try it on ;)


  26. OH WAIT WHAT ?
    I loveee your haircut!!
    And your blog.

    (awesome pictures btw)

  27. yay, and your blog also nice too, I am a new follower now!



  28. sehr schöne bilder! dein kleid ist ein traum.
    hättest du lust und zeit zu dem nächsten schweizer bloggertreffen zu kommen? es würde diesmal in bern stattfinden am 26.05
    würde mich sehr freuen!
    liebe grüsse polina

  29. I think the haircut looks amazing!It looks fun and it definitely does have a cool vibe to it ;)

  30. I love your hair!! Following you now!
    Grüessli us dr Schwiz

  31. Beautiful photos! I think that this is one of the best posts you’ve ever published. Keep going! ;)


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