jumper with collar: COS, necklace: manor

long time no see.
i'm so bad. i know. the worst actually.
please forgive me and stay tuned for lots of action to come.

those last couple of months have been such a dizzy rollercoaster ride and there was just no way to get off the carriage.

but here's my definite hello again.
xx m.


revivalism, summer and the hair-issue.

well hello lovelies.
i'm back. yes. after some pretty awful months i'm finally back.
i really hope you'll fogive my absence but me going MIA has its end right this second.

so what have you been up to?
i for my part am fully enjoying summer right now. i've missed bare legs and sunburns oh so much and iced lattes and swimming in lakes, rivers and seas.

well here is a little sneak peak of my latest outfit featuring the one and only solution to my worst haircut ever (yes i'm still suffering under its horrid consequences).

dress: american apparel, bag: pinkyotto (NYC), bobbypins and hairslide: h&m, hairspray: got2b smooth 'n chic

yeah, the issue with my hair: i'm still not fully over it but at least i found a way to cover the mess by milk-braiding my mop on my head.
and that hairspray is just amazing. no sticky chaos, only a yummy strawberry-like smell that really holds my short hair in place.

so for all the swiss girls: hurryhurry, click and win a got2b hairspray yourself via their facebook-contest. oh and make sure to get a glimpse of their very own got2b blog!

well well.
i hope you guys aren't mad at me or anything.
but i'll make sure to shower you all with lots of outfit posts, cravings, new thingies and loads of love.

see you rather soon.
xx m.

music to my ears:


INSPIRATION | kirsten x terry.

i stumbled upon this amazing editorial, published by t-magazine.
since i adore kirsten dunst and love terry richardson's work, there's really not a lot to say (maybe apart from "geez, i need at least one of these gloriously incredible coats in my life - NOW!" and possibly "those fruit loops look pretty damn yummy").

photos via t-magazine

enjoy the eye-candy and have a brilliant sunday.
i'm still partly in bed and totally plan on staying there for a while.
xx m.
music to my ears:
(seriously you guys - that song is pure perfection)



just some stuff i've been upto lately.

1. the jewels
casio watch, camden market unicorn charm bracelet, silver cuff i found somewhere in a pile of old stuff,  marc jacobs latin ring

2. the usual wear
fluffy h&m jumper, h&m denim shirt, topshop ankle boots

3. the glasses

4. the always-and-forever-insides
wilde's dorian gray, randon pen, moleskine 2012 diary, moleskine notepad, random leather wallet, boots umbrella, paper doll makeup bag, blackberry, kiehl's lipbalm, asthma spay

5. the babe

6. the funny-looking homemade cheesecake

not doing that much the past couple of days (obviously). but life's good - appart from my hair, which i still hate excessively. but i'm pretty much in a laisser-faire-mood, so i'm getting over it. veeeery slowly.

i've been baking a lot. semi-successfully. i always tend to over-do anything because i'm too lazy to set a timer. but still: the cheesecake tastes (more like tasted) fabulous. although i must admit it's not purely eye-candy, its beauty totally comes from within.

alrighty then.
loads of lazy love.

xx m.

music to my ears:


minty misery.

first of all - drumroll please!
...and the randomy chosen winner of the scrapbook software giveaway by MY MEORIES is:
the lovely kimberly from KI'MBERLEY.
congrats dear. you'll get an email with the scrapbook software and all the details super soon.

and now to the rather nasty part of this post.
i went to the hairdresser - just to get my hair a little tiny bit trimmed. and voila here is the worst hairdo i've ever had. i look like a blond beatle - no wait, that would include some coolness which this haircut definitely hasn't.
the moral of the story is never ever to say whatever when the hairdresser asks you about your future hairdo - NEVER TRUST A HAIRDRESSER.

minty dress: zara

i'm pretty much doomed for some moths until the worst is over. such an absolute hairdon't.
it sucks to have something on your head that doesn't seem yours. so if you guys have any tips and tricks how to make your hair grow faster - please be so kind and help a girl out of her misery.

sorry about all the frustration and whining in this post - i'm just not coping with the mop above my neck.

have a wonderful week, lovers.

xx m.

music to my ears:
i'm more than addicted to that song.


coral navy nude.

skirt: forever21, cashmir jumper: no name, peter pan collared blouse: h&m trend, leather jacket: warehouse, bag: marc by marc jacobs, watch: tissot, ankle boots: topshop

just a little four-eyed hello from my side. because - funny fact - i wear glasses from time to time, i'm pretty blind actually. 
so for the new year i got myself some 50's granny-action which will hopefully prevent some of my downfall acrobatics (equals less scars and bruises). 

and yes, i'm wearing colourful things for a change. i decided i'm actively going to kick winter's butt because i've had it with all the cold.

alrighty then.
happy monday, lovers (as happy as stupid monday's can be anyways).

xx m.

music to my ears:

you've still got until friday, 20th january.